Can Florida Legislators Be Anymore Deluded by Power?

Over the years, I have seen a great many bizarre things, but this year the Florida legislature has to get my lifetime award for the “You’re Kidding Trophy”.

The Palm Beach Post reported that our Florida legislature has been hard at work drafting this bill and that bill. Nearly all the bills passed or in the works involve issues that serve the best interests of the lobbyists who are whispering in the ear of law makers and have very little to do with the welfare of Floridians.

So, in the “are you kidding” department, the Florida legislature sent the Most Governor Rick “he’s a good boy” Scott a bill, which allows patients to report doctors to a medical board if the physician has the temerity to ask about gun ownership. Where this can come up is, for example, when pediatricians attempt to educate new parents about child safety and guns are typically a part of that.

But, the powerful gun lobby has been whispering to legislators and, poof, they got their bill. Those who favor the law apparently have struggled to justify it:

Those who favor the law say doctors should provide the safety information without asking whether a specific patient owns a gun. Asking about guns, they say, infringes on the patient’s Second Amendment rights. Some doctors, they claim, have refused to offer care to people who wouldn’t answer questions about guns.

Really? That’s it? That is the justification for the law and for legislators spending time catering to lobbyists while Nero fiddles?

What this comment tells me is the commenter has way too much time on their hands and they have not read the constitution recently. I am willing to bet that the proponents of this bill could not find a single doctor who refused to provide care if the patient would not pony up about gun ownership.

Here is a challenge to the Florida lawmakers, a once respected group to belong to:

Spend your time trying to make the lives of Floridians better.

Spend your time bringing jobs to the state. Yes, Rick, 100 jobs since you took office is really nothing to talk about.

Spend your time thinking about the common person and less time thinking about your next power grab.

Spend your time thinking about doing the right thing and less time about doing the profitable thing.

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